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Yellow Front stores –  We came from a camping family and my brother and I spent years in Boy Scouts, so this store may have been more central to my life than to most.  It was all about camping, hiking and fishing supplies, with such things as aluminum canoes, fishing poles, tents, coolers, red-checkered shirts, wading boots and hunting supplies.  My brother and I would wander though the store, picking out imaginary purchases, and make up adventure stories using our imaginary equipment late at night, when were supposed to be sleeping.

There was no REI or North Face back then, and Yellow Front was a camper’s dream store.

Here’s a blog that talks about early Yellow Front.


Yellow Front stores — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for this story. I also used to go shopping at a Yellow Front with my dad when i was about 8 years old. I think it was near grand Ave? maybe?
    Great memories!

  2. I grew up in Phoenix and have wonderful memories of yellow front with my dad! We went to the one on camelback rd. I remeber stacks of Levi 501’s; wranglers, fishing equipment, bait … and the coin op pony ride out front. *my personal favorite! I always wore my penny loafers to that store because if my dad might say no to the pony ride, I was prepared with a penny in each shoe!

    • My sister & I grew up going to the 19th acenue & Camelback road as well as going to Chris-town, Town & Country, the Carriage House for ice cream & Farrells ice cream parlor. I wish I could go back in time.

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